Affordable Car Repair

Louie Auto Mechanic
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Free Check Engine Light Inspection

Located about 5-miles from Philadelphia international airport, Louie's repair shop provides affordable car repair and maintenance services for any car, any year and any make.

An ASE Certified Auto Mechanic, Louie has a well equipped auto garage in Claymont, DE.

Car Brakes Repair at Affordable Prices
Louie Fixing a Toyota Camry

Don't get Ripped Off

Do not get duped by unscrupulous and incompetent car mechanics.

Louie knows the job and his charges are always reasonable, way below the ripoff prices charged by big-name repair shops!

Repairs like the ones when you take your car to a garage for brakes or oil change only to have the mechanic say: "You need calipers/brake hoses/and rotors to make it safe to leave this shop."

Here is what you want to say: "Please take my car off your lift slowly so I can take it to Louie and get an accurate check on the needed repairs for my car"

Call Louie 610-636-0327 to start saving money on all kinds of auto repairs and maintenance.

Car Repair Services Offered by Louie:
  • Free Check Engine Light Inspection
  • Brake Pads Replacement - $40 labor
  • Oil Change
  • Radiator Replacement - $75 labor
  • Rotors Replacement
  • Wiper Motor Repair
  • Fuses, Spark Plug and Battery Replacement
  • Oil Leak Fixing
  • Coolant Tank and Transmission Flushing
  • Used Cars Checks
  • Timing and other Belts Replacement
Louie the affordable Auto Mechanic will come to your house to fix your vehicle, if it won't run.

Call Louie Now: 610-636-0327 to start saving money on all your auto repair and maintenance needs.