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Finding a job if you're not an IT professional is very hard for Indians living in greater Philadelphia.

And the slowdown in the U.S. economy over the last few years has only made a bad situation worse.

June 28, 2022
Front Desk Couple
Lancaster, PA Motel
Requirements: Legal status
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 717-314-8429

Eastern PA Franchise Motel
Requirements: Legal status
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 717-475-4787

Front Desk
Harrisburg, PA Motel
Requirements: Single/couple & legal status
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 717-609-6132

Curry Chef
Milwaukee, WI North Indian Restaurant
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 414-581-3784

Sonora, CA Motel
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 209-588-6308

Front Desk
Fort Worth, TX Motel
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 510-407-1953

Front Desk
Topeka, KS Motel
Requirements: Couple, Fluent English & Computer Knowledge
Call: 801-319-9632

Tandoori Chef
North Indian Restaurant, PA
Call: 610-761-9400

Restaurant Manager
Mount Poconos, PA area Indian Restaurant
Requirements: Indian cuisine knowledge & experience
Call: 516-429-8078

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