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Finding a job if you're not an IT professional is very hard for Indians living in greater Philadelphia.

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And the slowdown in the U.S. economy over the last few years has only made a bad situation worse.

April 19, 2021
Sonora, CA Motel
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 209-588-6308

Front Desk
Fort Worth, TX Motel
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 510-407-1953

Front Desk
Topeka, KS Motel
Requirements: Couple, Fluent English & Computer Knowledge
Call: 801-319-9632

Tandoori Chef
North Indian Restaurant, PA
Call: 610-761-9400

Harrisburgh, PA Indian Restaurant
Requirements: Experience
Call: 717-350-3640

Curry Chef
RI Indian Restaurant
Call: 845-518-6289

FL Franchise Hotel
Benefits: Apartment with amenities
Call: 909-576-0597

Curry Chef & Tandooria
Philly Suburbs Indian Restaurant
Call: 610-745-7171

Curry Chef
Wilkes Barre, PA Indian Restaurant
Benefits: $700/wk with accommodation
Call: 201-312-4647

Tandoor Appetizer
Philadelphia area Indian Restaurant
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 215-542-1775

Front Desk Agent
Southern Utah Motel
Requirements: Fluent English, computer knowledge and customer service skills
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 435-229-9421

On-site Manager
Klamath Falls, OR Motel
Requirements: Motel experience, basic computer and customer service skills
Benefits: 1-br apartment
Call: 804-301-1667

Curry Chef & Cook
MN Nepali Restaurant
Requirements: Experience & legal status
Call: 952-221-7888

Resident Motel Manager Couple
Castroville, CA Motel
Call: 650-464-9086

Front Desk Agent
Santa Cruz, CA Motel
Benefits: Living accommodation
Call: 408-799-8506

Indian Cooks
LA Restaurant
Benefits: Salary & benefits
Call: 318-717-1111

North Indian Priest
South Florida Hindu Temple
Requirements: Prefer Hindi/English speaking person
Call: 954-461-7941

Tandooria & Curry Chef
California Indian Restaurant
Call: 415-623-8106

Front Desk Agent
Yakima, WA Motel
Benefits: On-site accommodation
Call: 619-846 3462

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