King of Tandoor Philadelphia Review

King of Tandoor

1824-26 Callowhill St
Philadelphia, PA

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king of tandoor callowhill st

King of Tandoor Philly - For Cattle, Maybe; For Humans, No, No, No

An abomination.

Yes, even by the bad-ass standards of Indian restaurants in the U.S., King of Tandoor on Callowhill Road in Philadelphia is a leprous sore, a pustulating herpes boil sullying the fair reputation of our magnificent Indian cuisine.

But for folks visiting from India and staying at the nearby Sheraton Hotel (on Race St & 17th St), we’d never have stumbled upon this shit-hole oops King of Tandoor.

Since a lot of Indian restaurants on the East Coast serve a bastardized, spice-less version of Indian cuisine to shamelessly pander to effete American palates, at the time of our order we gently requested that the food be Indian-style spicy.

Mon dieu, with that request we fell into the shaitan’s hands.

Satan’s apprentice in the King of Tandoor kitchen, nay, Satan himself took our request as a generous invitation to inflict his most gruesome torture on poor us.

Horror Show

What came out of the kitchen was insanely hot, chili-drenched food with chili powder disproportionate to all the other ingredients and completely ruining our dining experience.

Ah, the sadistic monsters at King of Tandoor.

No sir, no.

A few days earlier, we’d made a similar request (i.e. Indian-style spicy) at the Palace at the Ben on Chestnut St in Philadelphia and, Inshallah, the folks there delivered the goods even if the service at the Palace is now a little sloppy compared to our prior visits.

Vegetarian food or non-vegetarian fare, it was all the same to these ugly King of Tandoor fiends. Merely, an opportunity to practice their vicious, vile arts on hapless diners.

The watery Chana Shaag (yeah, Shaag is how these bozos spell it) was a nasty piece of work with a surfeit of red chili powder. Virtually inedible, its only saving grace was that the serving size was small.

Mixed Vegetable Curry should more appropriately have been labeled Red Chili Powder Curry given its horrid taste, enough chili powder for an army and lack of enough salt and other spices. A horrid mess, if you ask us.

Chicken Achari was a total disaster. Just boiled chicken thrown into a watery gravy of red chili powder.

Hell, even the Vegetable Biryani was a calamity given the liberal sprinkling of red chili powder on top of the rice.

The Raita we’d ordered to go with our Vegetable Biryani was no better. You see, it had no flavor because it came to our table without the seasoning that adds the magic to this Indian yogurt dish. Just some cut onion pieces flung into the yogurt.

Garlic Naan was low on garlic but mercifully, at least, soft.

By now, we concluded that the King of Tandoor chef was a complete novice better suited to cleaning the cages of wild boars at the nearby Philadelphia Zoo.

Cooking was beyond this dolt’s ken.

Disgusting Desserts

Desperate for something edible and also since a sweet tooth is one of our weaknesses, we sauntered over to the desserts section of the menu and ordered Rosogolla and Pistachio Kulfi.

Both turned out to be monumental disasters.

Whatever the horrid, pale-white Rosogolla was made of, it certainly had no connection with milk. Besides tasting yuck, it also smelled weird.

Our second dessert item, Pistachio Kulfi, came with chocolate syrup on top and, horror of horrors, it was not the Indian-style hard Kulfi.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was made infinitely worse by being a sugar-less version of the Ice Cream, presumably prepared for diabetics.

By now, we were almost in tears and held back only by propriety we silently hurled the most vicious curses at the King of Tandoor swines for their most callous attitude toward diners.

King of Tandoor - Pitiful Service

Folks, the insufferable food at King of Tandoor is matched only by the horrible, careless service.

One of our dining plates wasn’t washed properly and had left-overs from the previous diner’s meal.

Completely unschooled in the basics of service, one of our waiters acted like a chimp. When two members of our party asked for water without ice, our waiter (the short, dark, bald fellow) insisted that the others too have the same lest it confuse the other waiters when they pour water into our glasses later. The nerve of the retard!

Some 15-minutes after we’d placed our order, a second waiter (yeah, the above clown) materialized out of nowhere and asked us if we were ready to place our order.

Surely the Philadelphia Zoo is missing one simian inmate.

The desserts were brought to the table without first clearing the table. No effort was made even afterward to clear our table until we flagged down a passing waiter and requested him to make room for the desserts.

Starve but Flee from this Shit-Hole

Of all the Indian restaurants we’ve visited in the Philadelphia area, King of Tandoor caused us the maximum agony.

We’ll gladly die of starvation rather than step into its portals again.

Guys, with its twin felonies of inedible food and clueless service King of Tandoor is an impostor of an Indian restaurant.


God, we hesitate to vouch this Philadelphia dumpster even for cattle lest the animal rights activists come after us on grounds of cruelty.

But for bipeds a.k.a. humans, we unhesitatingly recommend that you avoid this dumpster like the plague. - ©

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